Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy heart day! My DH said after he saw the price on three measly flowers he decided I could use the money for quilt stuff. OH YEAH! That works for ME!!! I think he was a little heart broken because he really wanted to get me the flowers. Not me, I'm a happy Valentine. My stuff will last longer than the flowers anyway.
So, here's how I spent some of my $$$!

My Next Project! It's Flannel!!

Here is my next project. It's flannel . Warm and snuggly it will be! It just sort of pasted to my design board; so if you see missing spots that's why!
I shopped for this fabric last year; so I am really happy to get 'er done!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another view

Here are some close up pictures of the sashing and border. It is nt the most perfectly pieced quilt but it made a nice remembrance for the family.

Customer's Vintage Butterfly Quilt

This quilt belonged to my customers' mother. It is old, probably from the 40's spanning through to the 70's. I outlined the butterflies and did a loopy meander around them. I then did leaves with beadboard in the borders. Leaves in the sashing too.

T-Shirt Quilt

I did this for a customer whose daughter was at Virgina Tech when the terrible shootings happened. I used my Circle Lord Pampas Grass big board for this. They loved it!!
The first picture is of an old cupboard that was made by my great grandfather. Otherwise I might have pitched it. The bottom half has been sanded and painted. Dear hubby put new backs on it for me. I am still working on the top half.
The second picture is my library wall, then my storage for my Circle Lord boards and finally a shelf system I had an Amish carpenter make for me. It holds 150 bolts of fabric!!

Ok it's time I got on this! Geesh! 10 months!
I have pictures of my studio to share and pictures of some quilts too!!