Thursday, March 3, 2011

My squares before I cut them!

OK, now I really wish I had a GO! Cutter. Just think how fast and accurate the cutting would GO!
Oh, that pencil mark is my clumsy hands on my mouse in Paint!! hahahaha

More from Lil' Twister

I wish their website was more user friendly. The person who thought this up must be a genius! I cut up my own 5" squares, but you can also use a charm pack.

My Newest Toy

I got this Lil' Twister tool at a LQS yesterday. I've been playing with it ever since! What fun!

Happy Birthday Sunny Sonny Boy!

My sweet son is 28 today! I thought he was just 4 or 5?? What happened?? The day he was born it got up to 80 degrees! And a week later we had one of our biggest blizzards ever.