Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Before Paducah.............

I finished piecing my first Civil War quilt before I went to Paducah for the big AQS Show. I even loaded it on my APQS Millennium and ditch stitched along the side and across the top. My machine was working perfectly. So, I think the gremlins were here while I was away! Now my thread is breaking every 6 or 7 inches!!!! Nooooooooo!!! It's a longarmers nightmare. I'll figure it out eventually!

So here is a picture of my new beauty!! It is so warm and yummy and almost chocolatey!! Also BIG. It measures 92" x 92". Great on a queen size bed with enough hangover for two people to fit under comfortably.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My squares before I cut them!

OK, now I really wish I had a GO! Cutter. Just think how fast and accurate the cutting would GO!
Oh, that pencil mark is my clumsy hands on my mouse in Paint!! hahahaha

More from Lil' Twister

I wish their website was more user friendly. The person who thought this up must be a genius! I cut up my own 5" squares, but you can also use a charm pack.

My Newest Toy

I got this Lil' Twister tool at a LQS yesterday. I've been playing with it ever since! What fun!

Happy Birthday Sunny Sonny Boy!

My sweet son is 28 today! I thought he was just 4 or 5?? What happened?? The day he was born it got up to 80 degrees! And a week later we had one of our biggest blizzards ever.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy heart day! My DH said after he saw the price on three measly flowers he decided I could use the money for quilt stuff. OH YEAH! That works for ME!!! I think he was a little heart broken because he really wanted to get me the flowers. Not me, I'm a happy Valentine. My stuff will last longer than the flowers anyway.
So, here's how I spent some of my $$$!

My Next Project! It's Flannel!!

Here is my next project. It's flannel . Warm and snuggly it will be! It just sort of pasted to my design board; so if you see missing spots that's why!
I shopped for this fabric last year; so I am really happy to get 'er done!