Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Before Paducah.............

I finished piecing my first Civil War quilt before I went to Paducah for the big AQS Show. I even loaded it on my APQS Millennium and ditch stitched along the side and across the top. My machine was working perfectly. So, I think the gremlins were here while I was away! Now my thread is breaking every 6 or 7 inches!!!! Nooooooooo!!! It's a longarmers nightmare. I'll figure it out eventually!

So here is a picture of my new beauty!! It is so warm and yummy and almost chocolatey!! Also BIG. It measures 92" x 92". Great on a queen size bed with enough hangover for two people to fit under comfortably.


  1. I also have a Millennium and I hate when thread breaks! That or when the tension is off and I can't get it set right. Arghh, hair-pulling moments, aren't they.

  2. That's a really lovely quilt, and yes, quite chocolatey.