Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here I am again!!

Working on a totally different project today. It is just too late for "My Maria".
On to working on my Trees quilt for Columbus show. Meanwhile, back at the ranch; I should; I say SHOULD, be working on those blocks for the swap. Yea, I'll get to that!! I promised Doodlebug, so I havta!
Here's a picture of my trees. What do ya think so far??

Tension is giving me 9 fits today. Only 9?? Yea, well, more like NINETY!!!!! Maybe it's the warm weather and sunshine. Maybe my Big Baby (APQS Millennium) got used to the gloom and doom of Northeast Ohio!! I sure hope not. Anywho, my thread is breaking every few inches, and the tension is off, so, I say, "What the HE-double-hockey-sticks is up wit this??" In other words, forgetaboutit, in my best New jersey accent! ha!
Here's another....... are you ready for the close-up???I love leaves. Leaves are my friends. Leaves are a wonderful thing!!! Wunerful, wunerful!!

Ok, so back at the ranch, time to saddle up Silver and hi-ho on outa here!!

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